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Today's Thoughts

Thrashings of a broken mind

18 June 1976
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My name is Jordan. I'm fairly moderate with a slight left lean. I like to write a lot in my journal. Sometimes you get mindless drivel about work or my life. Sometimes you get something that got me thinking. There is an occasional rant about something. I'm rather geeky, I love games of all kinds. I'm into Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I think people are collectively evil in groups; sure, on an individual level they can be great, but as a mob they are evil. I'm an atheist. I want to hear what you have to say so leave a comment. I don't like people that aren't accepting of other sorts of lifestyles. I'm straight. Who you are won't form an opinion for me, but what you say will. Feel free to give your opinion; I welcome the discussion. Please keep an open mind and we can have a great discussion, no matter if we agree or not. I'm a student of life, I learn everyday, what can you teach me today?